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Thursday, September 23, 2010

생일축하합니다 김기범. ♥

생일축하합니다 김기범 ♥

Happy birthday my precious babyboy Key!!! i've been counting down since 2 months ago to this day keke ^^ Someone is finally 20 eh~~ but still got 1 more yearz to adult keke can't wait ^^
Come to think of it it has only been 94 days since I became an official locket. 3 months pass by so fast with my bb~ yupz imma late locket ikr but i still love you as much as the others who supported you from debut~ ♥ talking about your debut i still remember how much i disliked you lol~ stupid me so blind right lol cos i was primadonna and cpopper then come bish you guys :x haha now is i bish don't anti shinee ppl. LOL.
Then on 15th June 2010 i finally grew brains become official locket~ cos you were damn super kewt i saw somewhere i think tumblr or smth. forever qtpie of mine~ *___* other than cute still so hot omg. replay cute rdd cute juliette cute then suddenly BAM lucifer hothot until melt *________________* srsly die from hotness lor pls!!! from mushroom head until mohawk still luv you so much. 18 yrs old to 20 yrs old change alot but feelings never fade ok ^^ that's what lockets are for right~ but there's this thing that seriously hurts T.T no matter how i might try i'll never be your favourite locket i'll never be able to tell you how important you are in my life TT you are a hot singer with millions of lockets supporting you imma just a mere fangirl. but still i still love you so fking much, cos you are the key to my heart. ^^ so what if you don't provide for me, so what if i'm the one actually "providing" for you. it's actually the joy that i get from certain things that makes me love you just so much that it is indescribable. like, your smiles, yourlaughter. when bb wins anything, i feel so happy for you all that i shed tears sometimes :') if i not i hyperz just scream. when you overwork, when sment gives you no time to rest, i feel so angry for you. i feel the pain and tiredness as you're like already become part of me. it's not about if i am right on the dot when your teaser or anything comes out or whut. it's about you already successfully unlocking my heart. if it wasn't for you poor me would not see the wonderful world naooooo. TT lulz this is making no sense so contradictive but i heck~ and key i swear you're the most beautiful creature ever on earth (: srs, not kidding or anything. you get me all obsessed over you until my studies drop. you must stop okay. ^^ there's so much more i want to tell you, but then i find it abit ps to type everything here. all the words kept in my heart hehe :B I ONLY CAN SAY THAT I SWEAR KIM KI BUM IS THE BEST PERSON EVER THAT IS BORN ON THIS WORLD.
23rd September 1991 the birth of a man that changed my life. the birth of the key to my heart, the key to everything. bb i just love you more than words. my love for you is as big as an infinity times of the oceans, and i'll love you till the last of my breath. :-* 사랑해 김기범. ♥

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Byebye August~

Okay yes I'm finally posting~ I got inspired by F.T Island winning Mutizen today, so I decided to post 8D

So, YAY, August has came to an end. August has been awesome, and I know September will be even more shining~ ^^ I've been lacking posts in August so here's basically what happened in August:

  • 8th Aug: Malay Project
  • 13th Aug: The day I fell in love with Kwanghee!!!!!!!! + MINHO STARTED DANCING TODAY. ♥
  • 18th Aug: GD's Birthday
  • 19th Aug: Wh's birthday cake fight
  • 21st Aug: SM TOWN'10 ♥, Kibum's Birthday, Seunghyun's Birthday
  • 24th Aug: Yesung's Birthday!!!!!
  • 27th Aug: Letterary Challenge @ ACS
  • 28th Aug: Class CIP
  • 30th Aug: Dajie's birthday cake fight
  • 31st Aug: 6E'09! ♥

Okay actually quite boring zz LOL. But it was awesome cause it was a very shineelicious month~ I GOT MY LUCIFER LEHHHHHHHHH OMG AND KEY PHOTOCARD. ^^ Oh and Kwanghee oppa saranghae~ ZE:A fighting! But i'm not a full ZE:A'Style cause i stay loyal to my husband. Okay enuf talk.

I needa go and finish up Key's birthday present so I'll continue fangirling tomorrow morning if i can. HOLY but i don't feel like moving but i have to cause it's 18 days to my BB's birthday~ ^^ before i go i shall post a picture of dearest kwanghee~